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R&J Holdings is a leader in container cargo transport in Vancouver and container drayage Vancouver throughout Western Canada, specializing in both refrigerated and dry goods. We strive to understand your company’s products and their importance in the marketplace, allowing us to provide the expertise and experience you need to run your business successfully. Our established relationships with the shipping and rail yards as well as a thorough understanding of their procedures and protocols allows us to transport your cargo containers in a streamlined and professional manner.

Your produce, frozen foods and perishable items will be handled in state-of-the-art refrigerated equipment by experienced professional drivers. We utilize cutting-edge industry technology to provide highly reliable, on-time pickup, in-transit and delivery performance and superior customer service from our office in Vancouver, BC. We ensure your refrigerated products are delivered with the same care you took in producing them.

Please Contact Us for further information about our rates and services. One of our friendly team members would love to assist you with your vancouver container transport needs.